Susan Claire


Susan Claire's greeting-card aesthetic is the product of a truly unique journey through the busy job market of the graphic design field. Making a name for oneself in this competitive climate requires a sense of individualism and originality that few young artists manage to attain, but Claire has it in buckets. Claire finds her inspiration at the intersection between many different forms of graphic art. Having initially begun her career designing footwear and fashion accessories, Claire has trekked back and forth across the world in search of new, minimal, and resonant iconographic touches. Having honed her skills working with material printing techniques, high-impact branding firms, and having following the design process from concept to creation, this is an artist able to produce truly perennial images. 

Despite the advent of digital communications, more and more of us are sending greeting cards and acquiring prints made through material means. This cultural refusal to discard the graphic traditions of recent times has seen a wealth of young artists emphasize the formal properties of their medium. In Claire's distinct aesthetic concise figurative designs are offset by the abstract and geometric elements that lay bare their construction. Most importantly, Claire's kind and kooky sense of charm will leave you sharing her passion for distant lands and imagined communities. Simple and sublime, we’re sure you’ll love her art just as much as we do. 

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