Christopher Beikmann


Christopher Beikmann is a professional artist and accessory designer based in the mountains of Tijeras, New Mexico. Beikmann’s works are focused on spirituality, mythology, history and nature. His artwork often fuses together concepts and design elements from many cultures. His artwork has been featured in Vogue magazine (UK), House of Coco (UK), MGM Las Vegas (USA), Gallerie Sakura (Paris, FR), KDVR Denver (USA) and ABC's hit TV Show "Blackish" (USA). Beikmann's work is unique in that he has traveled the world photographing flora, fauna, religious idols, architecture and natural textures to create many of his original photo collage works. Each collage is digitally created from layering and painting photography with hand illustration. His most popular subjects include modern interpretations of Buddha art, Sugar Skull / Dia De los Muertos art and vibrant florals. You can learn more about the artist at his website

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